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Evoblast supported children’s sports in Olenegorsk

In January 2023, Evoblast donated sports equipment to the children's hockey team of the Training and Sports Center in Olenegorsk.

Timed to coincide with the beginning of the new year, a gift from Evoblast went to the Municipal Sports Institution "Training and Sports Center" in Olenegorsk (Sports Center). Evoblast continues Orica's traditions and supports regional sports, taking special care of charity initiatives in the regions where it operates.

In Olenegorsk, Evoblast Group has a plant for emulsion explosives (EE) that reliably supplies EE to the large mining plants in the region. The plant has been contributing to the development of the local economy from its launch in 2009.

As part of the support program for the regional charities, Evoblast management decided to purchase equipment for the children's hockey teams of the Training and Sports Center in Olenegorsk.

The Sports Center has children of all ages. The youngest players are 7-8 years old. According to the management of the Sports Center, it is obvious that sports are becoming more popular. Now the Center is developing women's hockey. Several girls already attend the hockey training.

One of the Sports Center’ secrets of success is that the municipal institution provides equipment for all children who want to try themselves in hockey. So Evoblast purchased new sticks and skates and donated them to the Sports Center.

Dmitry Ugolkov, Deputy Head of the Municipal Sports Institution, expressed his gratitude to Evoblast, “Our task is to involve in sports as many children in the region as possible. We appreciate any help and support."

“Our Company continues the good traditions and supports social initiatives. It is especially important for us to suppoert the regions where we operate. In 2023, our business in Russia will celebrate its 30th anniversary. We are happy to start this jubilee year with this good initiative,” said Anton Kondrashov, Evoblast Group's Chief Executive Officer.