Setting a record at the Gross mine site

Evoblast employees have set a record – for the first time they blasted a block exceeding the size of 350 thousand cubic meters.

In December 2022, the Gross mine in Yakutia started implementation of the CED KAS1 electronic initiation system.

Experts from the technical and strategic development departments arranged training sessions for all personnel responsible for blasting operations. As a result, electronic detonators were successfully used on all the blocks in the mine.

In 2023, the use of CED KAS1 develops further. The volume and length of blasting blocks has increased compared to previous cases.

In January, Evoblast employees, industry professionals, tied a network of more than 1200 detonators.

The work was carried out at low temperatures down to minus 37 degrees C combined with a strong wind. In such difficult conditions, the mass blast was carried out successfully. No misfires. Professional level of the team and the high-quality products give excellent results. Congratulations!