Evoblast company took part in the International Scientific Symposium “Miner’s Week-2023”

Evoblast Group of Companies closely monitors the trends in the mining industry, develops and supports innovations in the mining industry. In early February, the company employees participated in the XXXI International Scientific Symposium - Miner's Week - 2023. This symposium has been held annually for 30 years and brings together representatives of business, government, and the scientific community from different countries.

The key topics at the Miner's Week were import substitution, ecologization, circular economy, and other important items.

The company actively supports the scientific activities of the employees. Evoblast representatives spoke at various workshops of the symposium.

At the meeting of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the use of blasts for national economic purposes, S.P. Moser, the Director for Strategic Development, Ph.D. made a report - "Improvement of underground blasting operations using emulsion explosives".

The speaker talked about the difficulties that the Evoblast faced in the process of import substitution of emulsion explosives raw materials. The supply chain was disrupted, and the quality of the raw materials became unstable, but the company solved these issues by moving, besides other things, to the development of its own products and components.

At the workshop devoted to environmental protection in industrial regions, A.V. Lusis, an expert in labor and environmental protection, a candidate for the scientific degree spoke, covering the topic - "Formation of anti-erosion vegetation cover on a sand quarry in Arctic conditions with the help of sewage sludge". The paper proposes a method for forming vegetation cover in disturbed areas with the help of non-traditional soil improvers based on sewage sludge.

A.O. Brukhavetskaya, a specialist in Licensing, a graduate of The National University of Science and Technology MISIS presented her research work at the workshop "Design Problems and technology for underground and combined development of coal and ore deposits" - "Analysis of modern developments in the field of assessing the quality of blasted rock mass". She analyzed modern, world, and domestic practices that are used to assess the quality of blasted rock mass.

Cooperation between the business and leading Universities is an important trend for educating a generation of experienced engineers in the company.