Science and business synergy: EVOBLAST Group and IPKON RAN signed a strategic partnership agreement

EVOBLAST Group, one of the leaders in developing solutions for drilling and blasting operations in Russia, and IPKON RAN (Melnikov Institute for Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources of the Russian Academy of Sciences) have signed a partnership agreement on cooperation to develop joint innovative projects to expand the bilateral cooperation.

Cooperation between science and industry

Late August, the official signing ceremony took place and marked the commencement of the joint projects in R&D and innovations.

These projects will contribute to the development of cooperation between the scientific and industrial sectors intended to solve pressing issues in mining and design innovative solutions.

The parties also see potential for mutually beneficial cooperation in the following priority areas: assessment of the blast impact on the rock properties, forecasting and management of blasting related factors, including emissions of pollutants into the air, seismic impact on the environment, etc.

Application of geotechnical monitoring systems was in the spotlight as the key to safer mining. Both parties expressed confidence in the successful development of the partnership and planned to start working together on priority projects in the near future.

Synergy of science and business

As Anton Vasilyevich Kondrashov, Chief Executive Officer of EVOBLAST Group, noted: “With the exit of the foreign technologies from the Russian market, we focused on our own R&D. A number of solutions can be adjusted, but there are also things that have to be created from scratch.

In our activities, we pursue two important aspects – technology and relevance. It is impossible to maintain this approach without cooperation with strong, competent partners. The signed agreement with IPKON RAN will enable us to act consistently, offering relevant solutions to the industry. We have identified priorities in our work that are in line with the values and strategic plans of our company, and we see already many benefits of this cooperation."

"The synergy of science and business is not new, but it is not always possible to come to a mutual agreement. In this case, we have succeeded and our cooperation with Evoblast Group poses a unique opportunity to combine efforts and scientific resources to offer solutions to Russian mining companies. The agreement covers a wide range of issues from technological aspects to safety and environmental protection. We also have plans to offer training of highly qualified personnel, which almost every industry needs today, "said Valery Nikolaevich Zakharov, Director of the IPKON RAN Institute, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

About "EVOBLAST” Group of Companies (GC)

Evoblast GC is a manufacturer of advanced commercial explosives, initiation systems and engineering solutions for drilling and blasting (D&B) for the mining and construction industries. It has been operating in the Russian market since 1993. A local successor of ORICA, Evoblast applies the best international practices and standards in designing and maintaining the D&B operations.

The group specializes in providing premium quality solutions: cutting-edge emulsion explosives for open-pit and underground mining, geotechnical monitoring solutions, engineering solutions in the field of electronic initiation systems for reliable and efficient blasting.

EVOBLAST GC implements projects in 14 regions - from the Kola Peninsula to Chukotka. The company employs more than 500 specialists.

A professional team, technological solutions and high standards underlie the group sustainable development. The group develops its solutions caring about both efficiency and environment. EVOBLAST Group invests in the future generation cooperating with educational institutions in Russia.