Геотехнический мониторинг

Capabilities of Evoblast Group in geotechnical monitoring at Tech Mining Russia

08 September, 2023, Moscow, at the International Conference and Exhibition Tech Mining Russia, EVOBLAST Group presented its capabilities and R&D projects in geotechnical monitoring for underground and open-pit mines, discussed the radar monitoring methods, operation modes and their advantages.

Geotechnical monitoring at minus 55 degrees

Geotechnical monitoring systems have been continuously an integral part of the mining and construction industries and ensured a high level of safety. Rockfalls, collapses and landslides during mining operations are one of the most common and dangerous types of accidents at the mines. The consequences lead to occupational injuries, damage to the fleet of special machinery and equipment.

Modern monitoring technologies minimize all major types of risks and enable a proactive behaviour. Thus, Evoblast’s interferometric radars facilitate predictions of the potential risks of rock collapse and landslides with the precision of a minute. The equipment can operate in any conditions: high dust content, fog and, what is especially important in certain regions of Russia, at extremely low temperatures, namely down to -55 degrees Celsius.

Totally, over 1000 devices like this are operating in the world. More than 30 radars are installed in Russia. Supported by Evoblast, 14 of the radars conduct round-the-clock monitoring at various quarries and dams in the Magadan Region, Yakutia, the Khabarovsk Territory, and Kuzbass.

Interferometric radar to launch soon

"The evolution of mining operations towards safety, sustainability, without losing efficiency and cost-effectiveness designate the brand identity of Evoblast. We base the development of our own solutions on many years of experience, expertise, and all available technological capabilities. The new interferometric radar is one of the products that we plan to launch in the future. We are confident that Russian mining companies will appreciate the advantages," said Erick Kanaev, Director of the Geotechnical Monitoring Department at Evoblast.

Tech Mining Russia is a conference combined with an exhibition that brings together specialists from mining companies, the scientific community and business in exploration, mining, transportation, mineral processing, and design of technical, engineering and software services in the mineral resource management. The event marked its 5th anniversary.