EVOBLAST Group participated in the 19th Mining Forum MINEX Russia 2023

During the interactive session "New Times – New Heroes: From Exploration to Mining and Processing Complex", the group specialists presented the company in its updated format and talked about the transformations that have taken place over the past two years, as well as what has remained unchanged. Besides this, the company's current range of solutions was presented, as well as local R&D capabilities.

The company participated in two thematic blocks: “Production. From geological exploration to mining and processing complex" and "Safety". During the presentations, we talked about the core values and principles of the EVOBLAST Group of Companies, which have been formed over decades and have become even more significant today. In particular, the group strategic director noted that, despite external factors, such as sanctions, interruptions in the components supply, pressure from competitors, EVOBLAST Group managed to preserve not only its assets, but also the fundamental approaches of ORICA international brand. The range of solutions was preserved without the loss of quality, the local R&D competencies were increased, and cooperation with scientific institutes was strengthened.

This approach is very important, since more than 80% of mineral raw materials are mined using blasting. Blasting operations account for more than 25% of labor costs and 50-60% of costs. The duration of drilling and blasting operations in the cycle is on average 50-60%. And the quality of the extracted mineral raw materials also depends on the quality of D&B operations.

Evoblast Group is a Russian manufacturer with the international brand heritage

"This year, our team's combined experience and expertise in the field of drilling and blasting turned 30 years old. Of course, in many respects this is the legacy of an international brand, one of the global industry leaders, but today we can rightfully call ourselves a Russian manufacturer. Despite the difficulties, we managed to maintain and multiply competencies, technological capabilities, and most importantly, to retain customers. Thanks to our laboratory specialists in a short time, we restored practically from scratch the manufacturing technologies of the main range of products familiar to our customer. As before, we provide a package of products and services for efficient and cost-effective D&B operations, supply initiation systems, emulsions for underground and open-cut mining, provide geotechnical monitoring services," said Sergey Moser, Strategic Director of EVOBLAST Group.

Safety is always our priority

For EVOBLAST Group, safety will always be a constant priority, which over the decades has been transformed and integrated into the Group business culture. The occupational health and safety system is constantly being improved, but, as you know, there is always room for that. In the Safety thematic block, Julia Vikhert, Director of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Department, shared the company's best practices that can be introduced and used at absolutely any industrial enterprise. Thus, for three quarters of this year, the company prevented and eliminated 52 potentially dangerous incidents.

“Safety has been the core value and principle of our company throughout the 30 years of operation in the Russian market. Our responsibility is to provide working conditions that will eliminate accidents in principle. However, in the process of analyzing potential and actual incidents, we came to the conclusion that in addition to organizing safe working conditions and training workers in safety principles, it is necessary to pay special attention to the personal perception of this aspect by each employee. It was important to create an environment in which the fear of disrupting production plans would not prevail over attention to protective measures and potentially dangerous working conditions. Over the years we have been refining our approaches, and today stopping work for safety reasons is not something “out of scope” for us. In just three quarters of this year, we managed to prevent more than 30 emergency situations thanks to the attentiveness and involvement of our employees. Our entire team, without exception, adheres to the principle that safe working conditions, and therefore human life, are more important than production and financial indicators,” said Yulia Vikhert, Director of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection at Evoblast Group.