Evolution cannot be stopped. EVOBLAST Group of Companies has been on the Russian market for 30 years

In October 2023, EVOBLAST Group celebrated its 30th anniversary in the Russian market. The history of the Group is continuous development and expansion, mastering of new technologies, regions, and climatic conditions. Over the years of operation in Russia the company has come a long way: 11 emulsion explosives production plants with a capacity of more than 130 thousand tons per year have been opened, new technologies in the field of drilling and blasting operations (D&B) have been developed and implemented.

Experience and expertise in the field of blasting using electronic initiation systems (EBS) were systematically increased. This technology is now used in most projects to ensure maximum accuracy and safety in blasting. For example, in 2022, EVOBLAST Group set a record by blasting a block with a volume of over 350 thousand m3 at the Gross field in Yakutia. The work was carried out at a temperature of -37 °C.

Today, EVOBLAST Group offers Russian customers a wide range of services, from the proper explosive selection for drilling and blasting operations to comprehensive service support for the project. Products manufactured by EVOBLAST Group of Companies ensure non-stop operation of the largest Russian mining companies.

The development of innovative solutions, continues, including digitalization of drilling and blasting operations. Special attention is paid to both efficiency and safety for humans and the environment.

"This year is special for us for two reasons. We are celebrating the company's 30th anniversary in Russia. But, in my opinion, what is more important is what allowed us to enter the next decade. First of all, it is the professionalism and team cohesion. We have multiplied our expertise, as well as maintain the quality of products and services. Regardless of external conditions, EVOBLAST Group remains a driver of the mining operations evolution in Russia… With new plans, partnerships, projects!", said Vyacheslav Grinin, Director for Development and Innovation of EVOBLAST Group.