Success stories

Alexander Kalmykov

Director of the Olenegorsk branch office

‘We have a wonderful team, high standards in safety and corporate policy. Safety is truly our company’s priority. We value human life’.


The company uses a tool to verify key safety controls called ‘Take 5’. This tool is designed to prevent hazardous exposure and tragedies. Every time employees come to work, they assess the risks to their safety.

‘If we identify hazards for ourselves when we are checking the list of parameters indicated in the Take 5 notebook, we do not start operations until the safety is restored. It saves lives’.—Alexander says.—‘Once we were charging holes in an underground mine but found a hang-up on the roof at the site of the operations. In such a case, the situation poses a risk of collapse and injury, so we refused to start the work. The workers taped off the danger zone and moved to another safe working place. Some time later, the hang-up collapsed. If not for the measures taken in time, there would have been fatalities’.

Therefore, simple but timely safety measures save lives.

Company for development and growth

‘The company values qualified professionals that are successfully working in teams. We have corporate trainings, including courses on blasting. Thanks to rotation between the sites, we can also exchange our experience’, says Alexander.

Such business trips provide working experience at various mines with different geological and climatic conditions and teach mining methods for different ore bodies.

Alexander's career in mining started in 2001. Alexander joined the company in 2017 as a mining engineer. Three years later, he was promoted to senior engineer. Since 2022, Alexander has been working as the Director of the Olenegorsk branch. Alexander is experienced in underground and opencast mining operations and understands the full life cycle of the enterprise.