Success stories

Alina Brukhavetskaya

Chief Licensing Specialist

‘I like that the company fulfills its obligations and keeps its word. It commands respect. We have a good team that is always ready to provide support to young specialists, to help those who work with enthusiasm.

Secrets of Success

  • It is important not to be afraid of changes, to be open to new things, and to show interest.
  • Get to the bottom of the truth, and unravel the tangle of cause-and-effect relationships. This helps to improve processes and organize cooperation at all levels.

Alina Brukhavetskaya joined the company in 2020 under the Young Specialist program. During the two years of participation in the program, Alina as a mining engineer performed various tasks at the plants of the North-West region in Russia. During the internship, Alina obtained a variety of experiences. She worked with surveyors, assisted in the chemical laboratory, and gained experience as a drilling and blasting designer.

During this period, Alina got support and assistance from the plant director and regional manager as they were mentors of the young specialist.

Now Alina is engaged in licensing work and actively interacts with Rostekhnadzor (Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision) and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. She is writing a dissertation.