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Emulsion explosives for underground operations

Emulsion explosives (EE) for underground operations are manufactured at the work sites in the mixing and charging trucks. The EE is intended for underground blasting operations in the non-gas and dust dangerous workings in dry and wet rocks.

The EE is designed for blasting rocks of any hardness and water content at temperatures –50 to +50°C.

Technical specifications

DescriptionStandard value
Density, g/cm30.7–1.2
Velocity of detonation* (VOD), km/s
(in a polyethylene pipe of 44 mm diameter)
4,1 ÷ 6,4
Sleeping time in the holeUp to 1 month
Heat of explosion, kcal/kg (MJ/kg) 616–733 (2,58–3,07)
Oxygen balance, %–9,5 to –6,4
Water resistanceWaterproof
Min. hole diameter, mm38
Volume of blast gaseous products, l/kg995

Main advantages

  • Safety due to EE non-explosive components (class 5.1), as well as to the EE production process (EE is formed only in the hole).
  • High efficiency. The ability to control rheological parameters (viscosity, density) ensures the high efficiency of the EE.
  • Minimum negative impact on human health and the environment during the manufacture and use of emulsion explosives (EE components safety, minimum content of nitrogen oxides in the blast gaseous products, absence of solid ammonium nitrate).
  • The availability of different grades of EE 2 (2.1, 2.2, 2.3) allows to select the most suitable EE for specific mining and geological conditions and achieve the most effective result.
  • Possibility to charge any holes (up-holes, horizontal small diameter holes etc.).
  • Availability of the Customs Union Certificates of conformity (CU TR) and Rostekhnadzor’s permission for constant use.