Products and services

We are constantly improving the technologies of work, the production of explosives and means of initiation, investing in innovations and our own developments

Consulting and audit of drilling and blasting operations

Evoblast Group audits drilling and blasting (D&B) operations and offers consulting services:

  • advising on the optimal industrial explosives for the blasting operations,
  • optimising drilling operations by selecting the optimal drilling parameters, considering the fleet of drill rigs, the geological parameters of the deposit and the technological process,
  • adjusting the blasting operations by selecting the optimal parameters (drilling pattern, initiation systems, and explosives powder factor),
  • organising the production of emulsion explosives (EE) components by the design requirements,
  • selecting the mixing and charging trucks, equipment for manufacturing EE components, as well as arranging the ammonium nitrate (AN) and explosive materials (EM) warehouses,
  • monitoring slope stability in the open pits.