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Blasting operations training

Evoblast conducts trainings on Safe and Efficient Blasting (SEB).

The course is specially designed for mining companies. We conduct SEB seminars throughout Russia. Upon request, our specialists will conduct trainings at the customer’s sites.

Training program

Safe and Efficient Blasting for Opencast Mining

  • Audience: explosives engineers, safety specialists, geotechnical engineers, designers, site supervisors and shot-firers that are working in coal mines, open-pit and underground mines, as well as construction quarries.
  • Duration: 4 days off work. The express program without a few modules lasts two days.
  • Where: location at the discretion of the customer.

Course specialty:

  • blasting operations in ore mines, solid minerals deposits,
  • blasting operations in ore and non-ore mines, in coal mines.


  • Basic concepts of blasting, history of explosives development, limitations in blasting
  • Examples of incidents during blasting, blasting operations risk analysis and management
  • Industrial explosives overview, ways to compare explosives properties, detonation and water resistance
  • Explosives components, production, quality control and mixed explosives
  • Rock massif influence on the blast results
  • Basic aspects of blasting—stemming, subdrilling, delays and their impact on key blast parameters
  • Peculiarities of holes charging with emulsion explosives, best practices of emulsion explosives use
  • Overview of initiation systems, their analysis, best blast net wiring techniques, misfires removal
  • Explosive network design rules, mistakes, practical exercise to reinforce skills
  • Opportunities for optimisation and modelling in the complex analysis of complex cases of VR
  • Exploding sumps, trenches, ramps, a practical lesson to consolidate skills
  • Vibration, seismic, shock waves and gases from blasting