Эвобласт на выставке для горнодобывающей промышленности

Evoblast Group presented the results of work on import substitution

At the Mining World Russia 2023 Leaders Forum, the company specialists presented new geotechnical monitoring services and the results of emulsion explosives (EE) testing for underground mining. The chief expert for drilling and blasting operations also shared his experience of using Digital Electronic Detonators KAS 1 (CED KAS1) at the company sites.

Geotechnical monitoring plays a major role in predicting landslides and collapses in opencast and underground mines. Evoblast Group has radar and lidar equipment that is unique for the modern Russian market. To learn more about the service and monitoring programs check out the presentation.

Evobalst Group has achieved excellent results in import substitution of explosives for the underground mining, especially for the uphole charging. The EE water resistance is high. The product energy is adjustable to the mining and geological conditions.

During the tests, an excellent result was achieved in terms of the EE sleeping time in the hole. After loading, the maximum sleeping time of the charge in the hole was 5.5 weeks. The achieved “sleeping time” is considerably longer than the standard three weeks.

Evoblast Group has presented the Digital Electronic Detonator KAS1 on the Russian market. The detonators are resistant to stray currents, static electricity, electromagnetic radiation, etc. These electronic initiation systems (EBS) are already in use at the sites where Evoblast operates. The company has accumulated unique expertise and experience in optimizing blasting operations with EBS. The company experts can conduct training sessions for the customers’ personnel regarding blasting operations with EBS.

To learn more about these products and test results check out the presentation.
The Evoblast team conducted meetings with more than hundred representatives of mining and other industries. About 1,000 people watched the conference live. All conference materials are available here.