Evoblast Group: Graduate Program 2023-2025

In early July 2023, specialists shortlisted under the Graduate Program started their duties in the Kirovsk branch of the company.

This year the program has slightly changed. The screening was an open competition without any ties to an academic institution. Everyone interested could submit their application through the job search website. The company opened three job vacancies for the young professionals. The competition was tough. Totally, more than 60 candidates participated in the contest.

Anyone interested could send their СVs. Then interviews with HR and technical specialists followed. Case interviews in the area of candidates’ expertise were offered.

As stipulated by the program, the graduates join the company as  junior engineers or junior process engineers. The entire program is designed for 1.5 - 2 years. During this time, the graduates have a mentor who guides them and shares the experience.

Furthermore, implementing the program, the company aspires to train specialists that have a vast background in the technological processes and nuances of drilling and blasting (D&B). Therefore, the program includes several training modules and skills. The main modules include:

– Occupational health and safety

– Production and blasting

– Fundamentals of emulsion explosives production

– Blasting operations products and services

– Mobile manufacturing units – design and operation

– Auxiliary works at the blasting site

– Fundamentals of D&B design works

– Mine surveying

– Commercial department

– Licensing and permissions activities

– Finance, economics and other areas.

The company seeks to attract young professionals who want to work to the benefit of their future and the company. Screening the candidates, the priority is given to technical skills and the desire to develop and improve their knowledge and skills together with the Evoblast Group. According to the program terms, the company provides housing and pays for travel for young professionals from home to accommodation.

"Evoblast, the successor to Orica in Russia, strives to preserve the best practices of the international experience and adjust them to local business," commented Ksenia Kovalevich, Recruitment Specialist.

"Well-being is one of our company values. We develop our employees’ talents. Thus, we contribute to achieving well-being. The Graduate Program is one of the examples of our values implemented in real life, it enables a significant support to young talents, it instigates building a career and confidence in the future. We plan to continue the program next year. We wish success to our graduate finalists," summed up Irina Rogova, Director of the Human Resources Department of Evoblast Group.