EVOBLAST Group of Companies took part in the personnel session of the Supreme Mining Council of Russia

On November 30, specialists of EVOBLAST Group of Companies participated in an extended meeting of the Supreme Mining Council of the Association "NP (non-profit partnership) "Miners of Russia", where, together with representatives of educational institutions and business, they discussed the staffing tasks of the mining industry of Russia.

Personnel are the basis and one of the advantages of the Group. The high level of responsibility, qualifications and professionalism of the employees of the EVOBLAST Group of Companies ensure the company’s competitiveness and leadership in the drilling and blasting market. To attract and, importantly, retain specialists in conditions of personnel shortage, EVOBLAST GC follows high standards of safety and company culture.

Special attention is paid to occupational health and safety, as the lives and health of employees, customers and contractors are of the highest value to the Group.

The well-being program of EVOBLAST Group employees includes the creation and maintenance of physical and psychological safety, as well as a comfortable working environment. The company has life insurance programs for employees, including accident insurance, voluntary health insurance programs or targeted financial assistance to employees to maintain health and well-being. The motivation system and existing approaches in the field of personnel management are based on the world's best practices adapted to the local specifics of the labor market.

The management of EVOBLAST GC and the HR team have preserved and multiplied the best methods and approaches in the management and development of employees, combining material and non-material motivations, supporting the interest and desire of the staff to work in the company for decades. So, some employees have been working in the company since its establishment – 30 years. This figure has been achieved, in many respects, thanks to the principle of the open job market, which operates in the company. First of all, all open positions become available to its employees. This allows employees to see career prospects, expand areas of interest, take responsibility and plan professional development within the Group. Company training programs, which are the quintessence of the best Russian and international practices, are preserved and continue to develop. They include specialized courses on safe and effective blasting, advanced training programs, and general management courses for both novice managers and experienced leaders.

On the basis of corporate programs, training programs for customers are also developed. In many respects, this relates to professional courses, such as "Safe and Effective Blasting". Special emphasis was placed on cooperation with specialized educational institutions. For more than 18 years, EVOBLAST GC has been actively working with a number of universities in the field of practical training of young specialists. The company has a "Young Specialist" program, which gives a unique chance to consolidate in practice the professional knowledge, skills and abilities acquired at the university. The key objective of the program is to form a highly qualified talent pool under the guidance of experienced mentors. The best graduates gain practical skills at the production sites of the EVOBLAST GC, having the opportunity to study all stages of the company's full cycle from the inside.

"Young specialists undergo internships and gain practical skills in all divisions and departments of the company, starting with survey activities, licensing and permitting work, engineering department, commercial direction, procurement, occupational safety and environmental protection, and, of course, production and services. This gives the opportunity to try yourself in the company not only in your specialty. Such programs allow us to increase the attractiveness of mining professions among young professionals, replenish not only our talent pool, but also develop young talents for the industry as a whole, ensuring the evolution of mining operations. Of course, this is not widespread, but, in my opinion, this practice should be introduced by all market participants, not individual players. Only when the theoretical base is supported by interesting and relevant practice, we will form qualified personnel reserves and gradually fill the personnel shortage," said Irina Rogova, Director of the Human Resources Department of EVOBLAST GC.